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Strategies, content & tools: Generate leads and win customers with sustainable SEO measures & focused Google Ads campaigns!

SEO helps you to sustainably increase the positioning of your website in the relevant search results. You will be found more quickly by potential customers and increase your level of awareness.

When you offer your products or services on the Internet, you are using the most efficient sales channel. The Internet also offers many advantages to your customers, as they can gain a quick overview of the competition. It’s no wonder that online commerce is booming, that market shares are increasing every year and that more and more providers are concentrating on the communication and sales medium of the future.

In this environment, it is necessary to present yourself with a website and/or a blog that meets the requirements of the search engines on the one hand, and on the other hand interests your customers and encourages them to stay or at best to register or buy (conversion). An essential key to success is the position of your website in the search results (ranking). Over 60% of Google users are redirected from the search results page (SERP) to one of the top three search results offered.

Only the combination of high-quality, up-to-date content and its presentation in a modern, SEO-optimized online presence ensures the best possible positioning in the SERPs.

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SEA – Search Engine Advertising with Google Ads (in the past: Google AdWords)

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) includes paid measures for improved brand presence within search engine results.

For a company it is crucial that its brand or products can be presented to relevant target groups. This is where search engine advertising comes in place. In the digital age, search engines work well because the user already uses them to search for specific terms. With the help of these entries, the company can derive a precise specification of the user’s interests.

A company can thus pay for a place in the results list if the user searches for a specific keyword or keyword combination. The probability that a potential customer will buy the corresponding product or visit the company website is much higher than if it were offered to him without a hint – and this is exactly what search engine advertising, or SEA for short, comes into play.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

As part of online marketing activities, search engine marketing (SEM) has become an important part of many business processes. Search engine marketing is partly defined differently, but in principle two categories can be distinguished:

Search engine optimization (SEO) on the one hand and search engine advertising (SEA) on the other.

In the context of search engine optimisation, it is possible for companies to achieve a position with high awareness within the result lists virtually free of charge by improving indexing. Under the umbrella of search engine advertising, companies can book this by paying an exclusive place within the result pages of a search engine.

Why summ-it?

A good SEO requires at least these 3 factors:

  • High-quality and unique content with relevance for the respective target groups. The texts require a certain length – Google & Co. largely ignore texts that are too short. Our experience shows that pages and articles should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words long in order to be relevant in SERPs.
  • Frequency: It is not sufficient to create several pages and contributions once. Only those who regularly create and publish relevant content will sustainably increase visibility on the web.
  • A technically good basis: Over the last few years we have created many company websites – with WordPress, Typo3, Joomla and Contao. We know how modern websites must be designed and structured to make it easier for Google crawlers to “understand” the website.

Only the combination of (at least) these 3 factors assures you of a good SEO.

This is where summ-it comes in place – we offer all necessary services from a single source:

  • Marketing strategy: We develop individual, medium- and long-term marketing strategies together with you, tailored to the unique selling propositions of your company.
  • Content Marketing: We master the entire range of modern content marketing. Our success is guaranteed by our proven professional competence, coupled with our ability and skills to communicate the topics of your company in an exciting and beneficial way.
  • Online Marketing: We design, develop and operate websites, microsites, social media, SEO and SEA.

summ-it developed a modern & fresh design including new logos for our interfaces and implemented this design in a very high quality. summ-it has completely digitalised the paper-based application process for members and introduced Nextcloud for collaboration within our working groups.

Udo BartelChairman, VDDS e.V.Reference VDDS e.V.

Thanks to summ-it's excellent domain knowledge, we are able to address our end customers and partners in a focused manner. We receive significantly more leads in a higher quality. summ-it understands our topics, products and solutions - this saves us time and enables fast, positive results.

Marcus EngerDirector Partner Management EMEA, Pitney BowesReference Pitney Bowes

summ-it has developed our complete KnowledgeShare online plattform in just 6 weeks. An outstanding achievement with which we are very satisfied!

Tim PalmerChief Marketing Officer Kodak AlarisReference Kodak Alaris

summ-it is very knowledgeable about software and IT, especially in the area of managed services, which is very important for us. summ-it understands our topics and solutions – this saves us time and enables quick, positive results.

Jasper GolzeCEO ITcares GmbHReference ITcares GmbH

Together with summ-it we have worked out the USPs of our solutions and the target customers in an initial marketing strategy workshop. This enables us to identify and address our target customers in a much more focused manner than in the past.

Jörg ViolaGeschäftsführer ObjectCode GmbHReference ObjectCode GmbH

For some years now, summ-it has been supporting us in the area of content marketing and online advertising campaigns. Thanks to its many years of experience in the insurance industry, summ-it brings valuable input to editorial projects.

Judith NeumannMarketing Programs Manager, Guidewire Software GmbH

summ-it supports us increasing our presence in Germany in the fields of market strategy, content marketing, online and product marketing. We will continue and enhance the collaboration with summ-it and will expand the cooperation to an European level.

Marco DrostCEO SmartDocumentsReference SmartDocuments

The structured approach of summ-it convinced us: We decided to have summ-it carry out the marketing for our two business areas and the launch of a completely newly developed software generation.

Christian GleißnerGeschäftsführer BDV GmbHReference BDV GmbH

Through the excellent industry knowledge of summ-it we are pro-actively being advised and are able to develop innovative go-to-market approaches. summ-it is working closely with our local sales team.

Jette Børsting LundquistGlobal Marketing Director, TIA TechnologyReference TIA Technology

summ-it convinced us with a modern and fresh design for our new website and implemented it very professionally and purposefully.

Helge KlemmGeschäftsführer dydoconReference dydocon

summ-it supports us in the area of content marketing and drives our expansion into new customer segments. summ-it knows the subjects of the market perfectly and “understand” us – this saves us a lot of time and we can work very goal-oriented.

Andreas KlugChief Marketing Officer, ITyX Solutions AGReference ITyX Solutions AG

The responsible and proactive approach and the excellent contacts of summ-it is a great help – especially for us as medium-sized company.

Frithard Meyer zu UptrupGeschäftsführer intension GmbHReference intension GmbH

summ-it rapidly advanced our market position – we are now visible at all relevant events and in all relevant media.

Thomas SchneiderCEO inovoo GmbHReference inovoo GmbH

summ-it helps us to reposition ourselves and to launch an entirely new offering: a technically demanding hybrid document sending solution.

Alexander FuchsGeschäftsführer GM Consult IT GmbHReference GM Consult IT GmbH