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We’ve developed particular expertise in marketing and
business development through a wide range of projects.

Customers & References

customer reference of summ-it Unternehmensberatung

SmartDocuments - summ-it Unternehmensberatung
SmartDocuments has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden for over 20 years specialist in the field of customer communication and document creation. More than 500 organizations with more than 200,000 users in 72 countries, in 18 languages rely daily on Smart Documents. With innovative products SmartDocuments is the leader in the field of public administration is: About 80% of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands set a Smart Documents.


SmartDocuments - summ-it Unternehmensberatung


Strategy and positioning

Online Marketing

  • Screen-Design of the new websites
  • Complete Redesign of a complete new online presence: WordPress, Theme: Enfold, WPML and further plugins
  • summ-it manages the complete online presence for SmartDocuments
SmartDocuments - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

SmartDocuments Website – Notebook

SmartDocuments - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

Website – iPad Landscape

SmartDocuments - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

SmartDocuments Website – Kindle Portrait

Content Marketing

  • 4 languages: Dutch, German, English, Swedish
  • Ultimately (almost) the complete content on the websites was created by summ-it:
    • Pages
    • Blogs
    • Solution descriptions including PDFs
    • Product descriptions including PDFs
    • Customer testimonials including PDFs
    • All graphics, diagrams, etc.

    Inbound Marketing

    • Conducting campaigns to get traffic to the websites
    • Generating leads and weekly reporting to Sales & marketing

summ-it supports us increasing our presence in Germany in the fields of market strategy, content marketing, online and product marketing. Through their great network and profound industry knowledge, summ-it supports us in a very professional and knowledgeable manner.

We will continue and enhance the collaboration with summ-it and will expand the cooperation to an European level.”

Marco DrostCEO SmartDocuments