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Kodak Alaris
customer reference of summ-it Unternehmensberatung

Kodak Alaris - summ-it Unternehmensberatung
With Information Management Solutions from Kodak Alaris customer data can capture digital or paper documents and consolidate, filter out automatically important information from the content and provide the right information to the right people at the right time. Our offerings include excellent scanner and software to capture and manage information as well as a growing range of professional services and industry-leading service and support. Whether small offices or global companies – Kodak Alaris provides outstanding systems and solutions that automate business processes, improve customer interactions and enable better business decisions.


Kodak Alaris KnowledgeShare - summ-it Unternehmensberatung


summ-it services for Kodak Alaris

Strategy and positioning

  • Workshop for positioning the Kodak Alaris e-mail management solutions in new customer segments
  • After the initial project summ-it was presented to the European Marketing Director. After this workshop, numerous activities were carried out in the fields of online marketing, content marketing and inbound marketing.

Online Marketing

  • Screen design, programming and operation of the complete Kodak Alaris Knowledge Share web platform in several languages: German, French, English / UK, English / US
  • Technical operation of the complete platform: monitoring the availability, installation of updates and patches, backup and restore, if required
  • Permanent SEO optimization: Onpage and offpage
  • Content creation and maintenance in all subdomains
  • Development of a comprehensive blog area
  • Setting up the complete keyword strategy and consistent implementation of the Content Marketing

Screen Design for the Kodak Alaris KnowledgeShare Online-Plattform

Kodak Alaris KnowledgeShare - summ-it Unternehmensberatung


Kodak Alaris KnowledgeShare - summ-it Unternehmensberatung


Kodak Alaris KnowledgeShare - summ-it Unternehmensberatung


Kodak Alaris KnowledgeShare - summ-it Unternehmensberatung


Kodak Alaris KnowledgeShare - summ-it Unternehmensberatung


Content Marketing

  • Creating a large part of the content in the various languages and microsites
  • Creating articles, posts, blog posts incl. Posting in various social media
  • Translations of and in the various target languages
  • Creation of all graphics, various white papers, etc.
  • Integration of the created content in the newly constructed online presence. Here special attention to the key issues -> Keywords

Inbound Marketing

  • Carry out campaigns to get traffic to the web pages
  • Integration of a lead management tool to map the clicks
  • Connect the contact forms to the Kodak Alaris CRM system
  • Generating leads and weekly reporting to Sales & Marketing

summ-it has developed our completeKnowledgeShare online plattform in an extremely short timeframe: From the first screen design, over the entire programming of multiple sites and content creation to the operation of the platform has summ-it taken no longer then just 6 weeks – an outstanding achievement with which we are very satisfied.”

Tim PalmerChief Marketing Officer Kodak Alaris