Kunden und Referenzen der der summ-it UnternehmensberatungBDV GmbH - Kundenreferenz summ-it UnternehmensberatungBDV GmbH - Kundenreferenz summ-it UnternehmensberatungBDV GmbH - Kundenreferenz summ-it UnternehmensberatungBDV GmbH - Kundenreferenz summ-it UnternehmensberatungBDV GmbH - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

BDV GmbH – customer reference of summ-it Unternehmensberatung

BDV GmbH - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

BDV GmbH offers digital solutions in two areas.

Professional document management: Automated document processing, workflow and document management. Essential components of your digitization strategy.

Professional practice management: Holistic software solutions from patient admission to evaluation. For more quality, time and yield.

BDV GmbH - Kundenreferenz summ-it Unternehmensberatung


summ-it services for BDV GmbH

Marketing Strategy and Go to Market

  • Several workshops for the two divisions “Document Management” and “Practice Management” to position the respective products and solutions with BDV Management and Sales.
  • Working out the real USPs.
  • Definition of the concrete target industries, target customers (-> “Targets”) as well as the contact persons (-> “Personas”).

Corporate Design

  • After defining the targets and personas, summ-it developed and implemented a new corporate design:
  • New logo, new colors, new fonts, new visual language, etc. for BDV GmbH
  • In the course of the market launch of the dental software “VISInext”: Development of a new logo

Online Marketing

  • Migration of the former Joomla-based website into a new SEO optimized platform based on WordPress
  • Creation of a modern, fresh and responsive screen design
  • Implementation of the design with WordPress and the Enfold WordPress Theme
  • Programming and construction of new websites
    • www.bdv.com as homepage for the BDV GmbH
    • dms.bdv.com for the Document Management business unit
    • dental.bdv.com for the Business Unit “Practice Management”
  • Build or expand presence in social media: and operate social media for BDV: FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and XING
  • Development of the complete keyword strategy as well as consistent implementation in content marketing

Content Marketing

  • Transfer of existing texts to the new page
    • Supplementation with SEO, sharing and other meta-information
  • Creation of all new texts for the defined targets and personas.
  • Creation of all new solution and product descriptions on the various websites.
  • Creation of all news and blog contributions incl. sharing in the social media
  • Creation of all necessary graphics, diagrams, photomontages etc.
  • Various campaigns and publications for the launch of the new dentist software “VISInext”.

Selected flyer of BDV GmbH

Inbound Marketing

  • Creation of relevant content for the targets and personas defined in the strategy workshop
  • Sharing the blogs and pages on the social media and in relevant groups.
  • Generate leads for sales.
  • Use of online platforms for the dental industry.
  • Use of commercial newsletters
  • Execution of numerous cross-media campaigns to get traffic to the websites
  • Use of social media

„Together with summ-it, we defined our target groups, the USPs and the relevant topics in an initial workshop. In the next step, summ-it has modernized our online presence and introduced an SEO optimized platform. While our market approach in the past was more technical / functional, we now describe our solutions from the point of view of the personas defined in the workshop and thus generate target-group-specific leads.

The structured approach of summ-it convinced us: In the spring of 2017, we decided to also have the marketing done for our second business unit and the launch of a completely newly developed software generation from summ-it.

The great technical understanding and the pro-active approach of summ-it are a great help for us. summ-it understands our markets – this saves a lot of time and enables fast, targeted results.

Christian GleißnerManaging Director BDV GmbH