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Marcus Enger, Pitney Bowes - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

„Thanks to summ-it’s excellent domain knowledge, we are able to address our end customers and partners in a focused manner. We receive significantly more leads in a higher quality.

The deep technical understanding and pro-active approach of summ-it are a great help for us. summ-it understands our topics, products and solutions – this saves us time and enables fast, positive results.“

Marcus EngerDirector Partner Management EMEA, Pitney BowesReference Pitney Bowes
Tim Palmer, Kodak Alaris - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

summ-it has developed our complete KnowledgeShare online plattform in an extremely short timeframe: From the first screen design, over the entire programming of multiple sites and content creation to the operation of the platform has summ-it taken no longer then just 6 weeks:

An outstanding achievement with which we are very satisfied.”

Tim PalmerCMO Kodak AlarisReference Kodak Alaris
Udo Bartel, VDDS e.V. - Kundenreferenz summ-it Unternehmensberatung

“summ-it developed a modern & fresh design including new logos for our interfaces and implemented this design in a very high quality: On the website, in the social media and at events.

summ-it has completely digitalized the application process, which has been paper-based ever since, and linked it to our member database. For our working groups, summ-it has implemented a secure, web-based collaboration platform based on Nextcloud in a private cloud.

I particularly like the goal-oriented and pragmatic support from summ-it.

Udo BartelChairman, VDDS e.V.Reference VDDS e.V.
Marco Drost, SmartDocuments - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

summ-it supports us increasing our presence in Germany in the fields of market strategy, content marketing, online and product marketing.

Through their great network and profound industry knowledge, summ-it supports us in a very professional and knowledgeable manner.

We will continue and enhance the collaboration with summ-it and will expand the cooperation to an European level.

Marco DrostCEO SmartDocumentsReference SmartDocuments
Jörg Viola, ObjectCode GmbH - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

„Together with summ-it we have worked out the USPs of our solutions and the target customers in an initial marketing strategy workshop. This enables us to identify and address our target customers in a much more focused manner than in the past.

We also use this focused approach in the area of online advertising using Google Ads. The campaigns were completely revised by summ-it and are regularly fine-tuned: We now receive significantly more leads and in a higher quality than in the past – with the same budget.

In addition, summ-it carries out various SEO optimizations (OnPage and OffPage) on our websites. We now have a significantly increased visibility and generate more leads.“

Jörg ViolaManaging Director ObjectCode GmbHReference ObjectCode GmbH
Christian Gleißner, BDV GmbH - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

„Together with summ-it, we defined our target groups, the USPs and the relevant topics in an initial workshop. In the next step, summ-it has modernized our online presence and introduced an SEO optimized platform. While our market approach in the past was more technical / functional, we now describe our solutions from the point of view of the personas defined in the workshop and thus generate target-group-specific leads.

The structured approach of summ-it convinced us: In the spring of 2017, we decided to also have the marketing done for our second business unit and the launch of a completely newly developed software generation from summ-it.

The great technical understanding and the pro-active approach of summ-it are a great help for us. summ-it understands our markets – this saves a lot of time and enables fast, targeted results.

Christian GleißnerManaging Director, BDV GmbHReference BDV GmbH
Jette Borsting Lundquist, TIA Technology - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

„For years summ-it supports our market and brand presence in Germany in the fields of public relations, events, online and product marketing and campaigns.

Through the excellent industry knowledge of summ-it we are pro-actively being advised and are able to develop innovative go-to-market approaches.

summ-it is working closely with our local sales team – the agreed measures are timely, targeted and systematically implemented.“

Jette Børsting LundquistGlobal Marketing Director, TIA TechnologyReference TIA Technology
Helge Klemm, dydocon - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

summ-it convinced us with a modern and fresh design for our new website and implemented it very professionally and purposefully.

As a medium-sized company with a high project load, we were very satisfied with the independent and self-responsible working methods of the summ-it team.

Helge KlemmManaging Director dydoconReference dydocon
Andreas Klug, ITyX Solutions AG - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

summ-it supports us in the area of content marketing and drives our expansion into new customer segments. The very good contacts with many editors and the responsible and pro-active approach are a great help.

summ-it knows the subjects of the market perfectly and “understand” us – this saves us a lot of time and we can work very goal-oriented.

Andreas KlugCMO ITyX Solutions AGReference ITyX Solutions AG
Jasper Golze, CEO ITcares GmbH - customer reference summ-it Unternehmensberatung

“summ-it is very knowledgeable about software and IT, especially in the area of managed services, which is very important for us. summ-it understands our topics and solutions – this saves us time and enables quick, positive results.

The deep technical understanding and the pro-active approach of summ-it are a great help for us.”

Jasper GolzeCEO ITcares GmbHReference ITcares GmbH
Fritz Meyer zu Uptrup, intension GmbH - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

“The responsible and proactive approach and the excellent contacts of summ-it is a great help – especially for us as medium-sized company.”

Frithard Meyer zu UptrupManaging Director intension GmbHReference intension GmbH
Thomas Schneider, inovoo GmbH - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

summ-it rapidly advanced our market position – we are now visible at all relevant events and in all relevant media.“

Thomas SchneiderCEO inovoo GmbHReference inovoo GmbH
Alexander Fuchs, GM Consult IT GmbH - summ-it Unternehmensberatung

summ-it has helped us to reposition ourselves and to launch an entirely new offering: a technically demanding hybrid document sending solution.

Without the technically outstanding expertise of summ-it, this would not be feasible!

Alexander FuchsManaging Director GM Consult IT GmbHReference GM Consult IT GmbH