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Go to Market in Germany

Five steps to the successful market entry
in Europe's largest economy.

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We’ll take you to the top

With a compelling combination of positioning and value proposition,
we make you to be number 1 in your industry.

Content Marketing Agentur / Content Marketing AgencyContent Marketing Agentur / Content Marketing Agency

Content Marketing

We use high-quality, target- and channel-appropriate content
to position you as a trendsetter within your industry.

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Online Marketing

Meet your target customers where they are
looking for products and solutions: Online!

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Inbound Marketing

With the presentation of high-quality content on the web, we convert
anonymous "clicks" into prospects and generate leads.

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Go to Market in Germany

Your successful market entry in Europe’s largest economy.

Go to Market in Germany – summ-it Portfolio

Go to Market in Germany – summ-it Portfolio

To support companies at their successful Go to Market in Germany is our passion. In recent years, we have accompanied numerous companies at their market entry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Both strategically and operationally. Therefore, we know: To conquer Europe’s largest economy is a challenging and long-term process.

Our competencies

Together with you, we analyze and assess your product and service portfolio and identify the areas that enable rapid success in the German-speaking countries. We use an integrated approach to help you expand your operations and gain competitive advantage.

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Marketing Strategy

Your success starts with the right marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy – summ-it Unternehmensberatung

Marketing Strategy – summ-it Unternehmensberatung

Are you having a clear picture of how to win new customers in a saturated market? Do you know how best to position your products and services on the market? Does your company have a targeted long-term marketing strategy?

Our experience has shown that, in many businesses, marketing and sales campaigns are not co-ordinated together often enough. Instead, ad-hoc measures are the order of the day, rarely speaking the customer’s language and therefore often neglecting the target group’s actual needs. But marketing targeted at insurance companies is very different from marketing targeted at public-sector customers. If you want to establish a lasting presence in the market and play alongside the top teams, you need a unique, detailed marketing strategy which acknowledges and responds to the specifics of the market, the industry and your individual company.

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Content Marketing

We use high-quality, target- and channel-appropriate content to position you as a trendsetter within your industry.

Content Marketing – summ-it Portfolio

Content Marketing

Plenty of agencies can write and send out press releases; only a few can produce high-quality content appropriate to individual recipients and channels. Ultimately, different media formats are not interchangeable. Think about industry-specific print publications – these are read much more slowly than online articles. This needs to have a corresponding effect on the structure, word choice and style of the content produced.

Online, on the other hand, the key is to be concise. Texts must be shorter and to the point. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential: professional usage and handling of decisive keywords can make all the difference to your search ranking. What good is it if your company has the best content, but nobody can find it? What use is PR if it doesn’t support your sales team? PR in today’s world demands professional content marketing which positions your company as a trendsetter within your industry.

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Online Marketing

Websites, microsites, social media, SEO & SEM.

Online Marketing – summ-it Portfolio

Online Marketing

Is your online presence generating leads? Is your company getting found through all the search terms that matter to your customers? Do your target group feel at home when they meet you?

If you want to position your brand effectively online, you need a consistent public image. In fact, it goes further than that: it’s about designing a company’s entire digital identity and communicating it through all electronic channels. In other words: strategically define the content and visuals, the information and offerings which online visitors will see, and what actions you want to provoke as a result. In short: a clearly-defined design for all points of contact between a customer and a business will make the brand attractive, tangible and emotionally appealing.

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Inbound Marketing

With the presentation of high-quality content on the web, we convert anonymous “clicks” into prospects and generate leads.

Inbound Marketing – summ-it Portfolio

Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is a thing of the past: traditional lead generation techniques like printed advertisements, address purchasing and trade shows have been in decline for years. It’s a mistake to think you can generate new market potential through nothing but cold-calling, offline marketing campaigns and attending as many events as possible.

The fact is that the world of customer communication has changed. These days, businesses look for their own solutions to problems and challenges. They have clear expectations and they research which providers meet them the best.

This is why outbound marketing is turning into inbound marketing. Not the provider going to the customer, but the other way around. Quite simply, this means that businesses need to be found online by potential customers. This has implications for communication strategy. The focus is not on classical push marketing methods (such as mailing using purchased addresses, or telemarketing) but rather on creating high-quality content to increase recognition and understanding of your brand.

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