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Online Marketing

Success through professional Online Marketing

Websites, microsites, social media, SEO & SEM.

Is your online presence generating leads? Is your company getting found through all the search terms that matter to your customers? Do your target group feel at home when they meet you?

Online Marketing

Digital Branding: Communication leads to interaction – clicks turn into followers and customers.

If you want to position your brand effectively online, you need a consistent public image. In fact, it goes further than that: it’s about designing a company’s entire digital identity and communicating it through all electronic channels. In other words: strategically define the content and visuals, the information and offerings which online visitors will see, and what actions you want to provoke as a result. In short: a clearly-defined design for all points of contact between a customer and a business will make the brand attractive, tangible and emotionally appealing.

The goal of attractive content and clear online positioning is not just to make a company more recognisable, but to make it interesting. Clicks turn into followers which – when handled right – turn into long-term customers.

Achieving this goal requires answering questions such as:

  • What makes a company special?
  • What are the USPs of its products and services?
  • What subjects do you want to cover online?
  • How can a company use its know-how and its expert knowledge (its content) to generate leads?
  • What options are there for raising awareness of the company across all digital media?

Online Marketing: Anchoring the brand in a space where the target group is looking for solutions and products.

The fact is this: it’s no longer enough to have a well-designed corporate website and nothing else. It may well remain the centrepiece of online marketing, but effective online marketing requires more.

Subject-specific microsites

Start reserving domain names for websites that match your subject matter – and do it sooner rather than later! Fill these sites with high-quality, targeted content on a regular basis, and establish links with other online forums, libraries, blogs and other sites.

Keep it professional and avoid making promotional statements. This neutral, objective behaviour shows your company’s competence on a subject, positioning you as a trendsetter and a driver of innovation.

The advantage of these subject-driven sites is that, technologically speaking, they will generally be based on the same content management systems as your corporate homepage. This makes content easy to create, since no additional technical know-how is required.

And in the case of international businesses, microsites can be very useful for local marketing teams, who can quickly present region-specific subject matter, events and campaigns without having to depend on the company’s central communication system.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Google and other search engines consider a website highly relevant if its subject matter is well-presented: attractive, exciting, up-to-date and relevant to the target group (See also Content Marketing).

So: produce intelligent content and update it regularly! Make use of new types of channels, such as blogs and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.)

When visitors come to these subject-specific sites, offer added value in the form of additional services, such as white papers, studies and market surveys to download. This will have the positive side-effect that interested parties will “pay” for good content with their contact details. In this way, high-quality content will generate leads for you.

Give independent experts a voice on your subject-specific sites to further demonstrate your competence within the industry.

And above all, use keywords which can be used to find your company. Coordinate these with your company’s Marketing Strategy and verify their effectiveness.

With our in-depth understanding of strategy, content management, technology and marketing, we’ll help you to position your brand on all relevant digital channels – assisting with every step of each project, from analysis all the way through to implementation, in order to boost your company’s reputation.

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Digital strategy

Together with you, we’ll develop a detailed strategy for a concise business profile on all relevant digital communications channels.

Multi-channel campaigns

Whether using SEO, SEM (AdWords), landing pages, newsletters or even an online shop, we’re masters of the entire range of personalised, effective multi-channel campaigns. You can use these to anchor your brand in your target group’s minds and increase customers’ loyalty to your company.

Social Media

Confident communication across a range of online networks makes a company feel more personal and human. In addition, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media will let you know what your customers think about you. Don’t underestimate this kind of feedback – it will give your company important ideas for new ways to make money. The most important thing is for companies to stay true to themselves and communicate authentically and believably from the very core of the brand.

We’ll show you the potential that social networks offer your company, and we’ll integrate them into your online marketing management strategy.

Online positioning and visibility

Get in front of your target group: sometimes improving your online presence is just a matter of making a few tweaks.

We’ll analyse how best your brand can achieve your desired effect, and we’ll develop creative ideas to significantly increase your company’s visibility.

We’ll improve your online presence in terms of SEO, carrying out keyword analyses and creating content that will make it easier for your target group to find you.

Want to pursue a consistent online marketing strategy? Just get in touch. We’ll develop a bespoke plan for long-term effective digital anchoring for your brand.