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With a compelling combination of positioning and value proposition,
we make you to be number 1 in your industry.

We’ll take you to the top

Marketing Strategy – we’ll take you to the top!

Success starts with the right marketing strategy.

Do you have a clear picture of how to win new customers in a saturated market? Do you know how best to position your products and services on the market? Does your company have a targeted long-term marketing strategy?

Our experience has shown that, in many businesses, marketing and sales campaigns are not co-ordinated together often enough. Instead, ad-hoc measures are the order of the day, rarely speaking the customer’s language and therefore often neglecting the target group’s actual needs. But marketing targeted at insurance companies is very different from marketing targeted at public-sector customers. If you want to establish a lasting presence in the market and play alongside the top teams, you need a unique, detailed marketing strategy which acknowledges and responds to the specifics of the market, the industry and your individual company.

Concrete, measurable marketing activities are the cornerstone of any marketing strategy

Together with your sales, product management and leadership teams, we develop medium- and long-term marketing strategies for your core business, based on your company’s unique selling points. Our consulting services include recognised methods such as SWOT analyses as a matter of course.

Our advice leads to individual, detailed marketing plans with concrete goals, measures, timeframes, risk factors and success indicators.

The benefit to your company? After each action, you can use these predetermined metrics to measure your success:

  • How many leads did the activity generate?
  • Has awareness of your company risen?
  • Did the project come in on or under budget?
  • What information, responses and critiques did you receive?
  • What opportunities have opened up as a result of the activity?

In addition: You have full control and oversight of the project at all times and can quickly react to changing market conditions. Regular reviews of the ongoing project allow you to identify new trends within your industry before the competition do the same.

Marketing Strategy - summ-it Unternehmensberatung - B2B-Marketing and Business Development

Why choose summ-it?

  • We have years of experience developing success-oriented, unique marketing strategies. We know the typical stumbling blocks that projects encounter, and when designing new activities, we sometimes go down paths less travelled – without losing sight of what’s actually achievable.
  • We have extensive technical expertise and understand how to adapt state-of-the-art technology to meet each business’ individual needs. We offer supplier-independent advice, carefully weighing up the costs and benefits to the customer. We never promise the undeliverable – just close attention to the customer’s needs.
  • We speak our customers’ language. We’re not a jack of all trades: we’re masters of one clearly-defined industry. We know the competition and where the problems lie in your industry. The advantage for you is that unlike typical full-service agencies, who do anything and everything and therefore ultimately remain superficial, we know the actual pressures and market situation within your industry. Which puts us in a position to develop solutions that help your company achieve lasting, measurable successes in the shortest possible time.

See for yourself: with our marketing strategy consulting, based on comprehensive technological know-how, we’ll take you to the top of your industry in no time at all.