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With the presentation of high-quality content on the web, we convert
anonymous "clicks" into prospects and generate leads.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound  Marketing – anonymous prospects become customers!

Use high-quality content to generate leads

Outbound marketing is a thing of the past: traditional lead generation techniques like printed advertisements, address purchasing and trade shows have been in decline for years. It’s a mistake to think you can generate new market potential through nothing but cold-calling, offline marketing campaigns and attending as many events as possible.

Outbound Marketing was yesterday – Inbound Marketing is now!

The fact is that the world of customer communication has changed. These days, businesses look for their own solutions to problems and challenges. They have clear expectations and they research which providers meet them the best.

This is why outbound marketing is turning into inbound marketing. Not the provider going to the customer, but the other way around. Quite simply, this means that businesses need to be found online by potential customers. This has implications for communication strategy. The focus is not on classical push marketing methods (such as mailing using purchased addresses, or telemarketing) but rather on creating high-quality content to increase recognition and understanding of your brand.

Businesses need to generate content which meets the actual needs of their target groups, and get it to them in a way that suits the channel and the recipient. In this way, they draw attention to themselves and lead their target group to the exact solutions and problems they’re actually looking for. In other words: by creating intelligent content, you almost automatically draw in enough inbound traffic, growing a base of fans and followers who will, in time, become satisfied customers. This is how communities of active, interested participants come to be.

Successful inbound marketing is distinguished by:

High-Quality Content

Consciously create content that addresses and answers your customers’ questions. Share this content with as many people as possible.

Lifecycle Marketing

Be aware that the interaction of customers with your company goes through different phases. Align your marketing activities and reach the “buying center” of your prospects in the “right” state of process.


Use the knowledge produced by your leads to align your offerings better with your customers’ specific needs. Communication that suits the recipient and the channel makes for greater, better interaction.

Multi-channel Management

Inbound Marketing makes use of the exact communication channels preferred by your potential target group.


Find the ideal way to join up your analytical tools with your content creation and marketing tools. This will put you in a position to communicate the right content at the right place and time.

Inbound Marketing: Turn online traffic into revenue

So with all this in mind, you can use intelligent, targeted and above all exciting content to inspire your customers’ thirst for knowledge. Encourage them to leave their mark on your company’s website. Give interested parties a concrete reason to act, in order to generate valuable leads. Provide the tools they need – a call to action, a contact form, online chat – and analyse your online traffic regularly.

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summ-it – your inbound marketing agency

Our services:

  • As a specialist in inbound marketing, we make sure potential customers find your website, using intelligent content marketing, including content creation, search engine optimisation (SEO), link-building und social media marketing.
  • We turn online traffic into revenue: using a range of techniques, including landing page optimisation, newsletter marketing and website redesigns to improve user-friendliness, we help you to turn visitors to your website into customers. Tools like call-to-action links and blogs, as well as social network integration and appropriate keyword usage are all a matter of course for us.
  • Measurable success: We believe inbound marketing is more than just a statistical affair. Our web analysis tools let you analyse the success of all ongoing measures and expand them as necessary.
  • As a specialist in inbound marketing, we ensure that potential customers find your site. With intelligent Content Marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), Linkbuilding and Social Media Marketing.

Our strengths:

  • We know the ECM industry like the back of our hand, and have years of experience with inbound marketing projects.
  • We have proven expertise in the creation of high-quality content, distributed through the right channels to the right people, both online and using classical marketing techniques.
  • Our IT and programming know-how lets us turn your online presence into a tool to support your sales.
  • Our spirit of innovation and creativity guarantees a competitive edge.

Curious? Why not get in touch? We’ll develop bespoke inbound marketing plans to boost your turnover, and advise you on how state-of-the-art technology can help.