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We use high-quality, target- and channel-appropriate content
to position you as a trendsetter within your industry.

Content Marketing

Content  Marketing – create interest with interest stories!

Topics sell products and services

We use high-quality, target- and channel-appropriate content to position you as a trendsetter within your industry.

Content Marketing goes beyond traditional PR

Plenty of agencies can write and send out press releases; only a few can produce high-quality content appropriate to individual recipients and channels. Ultimately, different media formats are not interchangeable. Think about industry-specific print publications – these are read much more slowly than online articles. This needs to have a corresponding effect on the structure, word choice and style of the content produced.

Online, on the other hand, the key is to be concise. Texts must be shorter and to the point. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential: professional usage and handling of decisive keywords can make all the difference to your search ranking. What good is it if your company has the best content, but nobody can find it? What use is PR if it doesn’t support your sales team? PR in today’s world demands professional content marketing which positions your company as a trendsetter within your industry.

Industry competence and content marketing know-how guarantee your success

And just to avoid any misunderstanding: of course it’s not an either-or issue; not a question of traditional press work versus online PR. It’s about accounting for every channel your customers and your target group use to communicate and to gather information. And print media has long since ceased to be the only source of this type.

Modern content marketing is about conducting an entire orchestra of media sources – and we’re experts at it. Our proven industry competence, combined with our skills and past achievements, is the guarantor of our success in communicating your business’ key themes in an exciting, effective manner.

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Our strengths

  • Clear industry focus: Coming from the ECM environment, we know the market situation and the challenges the industry presents.
  • Proven specialist competence: We offer a profound depth of technological know-how and years of experience creating high-quality content targeted at a specific audience. No matter how complex your products and services are, we can get to the point with your content and subject matter to get you published by the relevant media.
  • Well-connected: We are members of the most important industry associations and attend all major trade shows and conferences. This is how we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. Our founder, owner and director Jochen Maier was elected to the board of the Output Solutions working group within Bitkom, which speaks to our proven expertise.
  • Direct media line: We use our excellent press contacts, developed over many years, in a targeted fashion to ensure PR success for you. As your bridge to the public, we understand how to market your portfolio clearly and journalistically in a way that suits the industry. Simply put: this is content marketing at its best.
  • Well-known references: Our expertise is borne out by our rapidly rising number of customers. Leading ECM providers rely on our expertise and our understanding of modern content marketing.

Want to get people talking about your business? Want to use your exciting talking points to provide optimal sales support? Want to position your business as a trendsetter within the industry? Get in touch! We’ll develop a bespoke plan for profitable content marketing which will bring your company’s strengths and USPs to the right audience, through the right channels.