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Telephone number summ-it Unternehmensberatung

Telephone number summ-it Unternehmensberatung

Telephone number summ-it Unternehmensberatung

Telephone number summ-it Unternehmensberatung

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What is Input Management?

Multi Channel Input Management

Until recently, I thought that I knew the answer to this question but if I put the search term into Google, just about every “definition” ends up referring to scanners. Fair enough, I know that the term was first coined as a marketing tool about 10 years ago by a company that produced imaging workflow software, but it’s a term that is still in use today and I think that it’s important to understand what it means. Is Input Management really all about scanning paper?
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Vorsprung für Service-Leader

Sind Versicherungen Service Leader?

Schnelligkeit und Qualität sind im Kundendienst der Versicherer zunehmend gefragt

Bei Deutschlands Autoversicherern hapert es am Service. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt eine aktuelle Studie des Deutschen Instituts für Servicequalität (DISQ).

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AFP Advanced Function Presentation

AFP – Advanced Function Presentation

Advanced function presentation (AFP) is a print data stream format used for high-volume printing.
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ASF Application Support Facility

ASF – Application Support Facility

Application Support Facility is a software architecture designed by IBM for the creation and management of business correspondence.
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BPM Business Process Management

BPM – Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) deals with the identification, design, documentation, implementation, direction and improvement of business processes.
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Capture is a component within the ECM process. Capturing includes functionalities and components that deal with the creation, preparation and processing of digital and analogue information.
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Case Management.

Case Management

The goal of case management is to create a well-organised support service which meets the individual needs of each case and fulfils each client’s requirements.
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CCM Customer Communication Management

CCM – Customer Communication Management

Customer communication management (CCM) is a concept coined by market research companies in the English-speaking world to describe a type of software which allows organisations to communicate efficiently with their customers.
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The DataMatrix code is one of the best-known 2D codes. It was developed in the USA in the late 1980s by Acuity Corp.
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