Transpromotion, or transpromo for short, is the practice of using documents such as invoices or bank account statements (so-called “transaction documents”) as an opportunity for additional sales and marketing to customers.

In transpromo, advertising materials are not sent separately, but instead printed on existing white space on the transaction document itself (white space management). The word “transpromo” is a portmanteau of the words “transaction” and “promotion” (in the sense of advertising). Transpromotion can be applied to both printed and digital documents.

Trans promo is a combination of CRM (customer relationship management), datamining (systematic usage of data) and personalised printing processes. In order to enrich transaction documents with advertisements, a range of data from different sources must therefore be brought together within a business. This data can include a range of graphical data, individual customer details, transaction data, print data, and more. Modern software solutions are required to process this wide range of different data formats.