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Output Management.

Output Management

Output management is the creation, generation, management and distribution of digital or physical documents to all intended recipients inside or outside of a business.
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OMR Code Optical Mark Recognition

OMR Code – Optical Mark Recognition

Optical mark recognition (OMR) is a technique allowing computer-assisted identification of marks on paper, similarly to text recognition (optical character recognition or OCR).
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PCL Printer Command Language

PCL – Printer Command Language

Printer command language (P C L) is a command language used to control printers. It was developed by Hewlett-Packard in order to make it possible to control all printer types using a shared standard language.
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PDF/VT Variable and Transactional Printing


is defined as an international standard for using PDF for variable data printing.
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PDF/X Portable Document Format


PDF/X comprises a number of standards published by the International Organisation for Standardisation.
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PostScript is a page description language used as a vector graphics format for documents and printers.
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