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De-Mail is the name of a communication system based on email but technically separate from it, designed for “secure, confidential and trackable” communication online. De-Mail is generally realised and operated by private companies known as De-Mail providers.
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DMS Document Management System

DMS – Document Management System

The term “document management system” (DMS) describes the database-supported management of digital documents. In other words, this means managing digitised documents – those which were originally paper-based – within an electronic system. In a broader sense, it can also describe the document management industry.
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Deutsche Post’s E-Postbrief, sometimes shortened to E-Brief, is a hybrid postal service with an affiliated website for exchanging electronic messages over the internet. The goal of E-Postbrief is to offer greater authenticity, better data protection, and greater integrity than email, which is usually unencrypted and sometimes compared to a digital postcard.
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Swiss Post’s user-friendly service for securely and verifiably sending confidential emails.
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Information Management.

Information Management

Informationmanagement describes the intersection between management tasks and any operational function defined as an information function.
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Input Management.

Input Management

The field of input management includes defining the approach to digitally capturing business-relevant data (“content”), selecting dedicated hardware and software, and integrating it into downstream business applications.
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Classification, also known as typification or systematology, is a systematic collection of abstract classes (otherwise called concepts, types or categories) used for demarcation and organisational purposes.
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