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AFP Advanced Function Presentation

AFP – Advanced Function Presentation

Advanced function presentation (AFP) is a print data stream format used for high-volume printing.
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ASF Application Support Facility

ASF – Application Support Facility

Application Support Facility is a software architecture designed by IBM for the creation and management of business correspondence.
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BPM Business Process Management

BPM – Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) deals with the identification, design, documentation, implementation, direction and improvement of business processes.
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Capture is a component within the ECM process. Capturing includes functionalities and components that deal with the creation, preparation and processing of digital and analogue information.
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Case Management.

Case Management

The goal of case management is to create a well-organised support service which meets the individual needs of each case and fulfils each client’s requirements.
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CCM Customer Communication Management

CCM – Customer Communication Management

Customer communication management (CCM) is a concept coined by market research companies in the English-speaking world to describe a type of software which allows organisations to communicate efficiently with their customers.
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The DataMatrix code is one of the best-known 2D codes. It was developed in the USA in the late 1980s by Acuity Corp.
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De-Mail is the name of a communication system based on email but technically separate from it, designed for “secure, confidential and trackable” communication online. De-Mail is generally realised and operated by private companies known as De-Mail providers.
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DMS Document Management System

DMS – Document Management System

The term “document management system” (DMS) describes the database-supported management of digital documents. In other words, this means managing digitised documents – those which were originally paper-based – within an electronic system. In a broader sense, it can also describe the document management industry.
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Document Formatting

Document Formatting

Document formatting describes the process of downstream preparation, or formatting, of documents during their creation in order to adapt them for the appropriate output channel.
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